Im tired of missing out.
Im tired of being on the sideline because of money or other obligations.
I want to live!
Am i living?  Or just existing….
Im sitting here reflecting, and ive missed out on so much with my ftiends and family. Trips out of town, dinners,  outings, birthdays…the list goes on.
I refuse to miss out on anything else!
I dont want my life to be full of working all the time or sitting at home on the cough watching life pass me by. This isnt all there is to life! There’s just so much more out there and im determined to see it. I want to eat good food, see beautiful places, laugh until my stomach hurts with the ones i love most, go to bed late as hell and wake up early the next morning. I want to watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain or on a beach. I want memorable nights with the people that I will never forget. I know what I want and im going to bust my ass to get it! #3amThoughts


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