10 day green smoothie cleanse!

My beau and I are starting a 10 day green smoothie cleanse today! Going to update my progress on here! I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time!     What I hope to gain from this experience is a more positive mindset, clearer and healthier looking skin, way more […]

Goals for 2015

So here are some of my goals for this year. I want to try something different and get into reading.  Theres nothing like a good book! So…ive decided that every month, ill pick a book to read and i have until the end of the month to finish it! Crazy right? Oh well! Ive also […]

Happy New Year! (1 month late)

Happy new year! Im excited for this year. It has started off wonderful!  So far, i got into my top choice grad school program!! Whoo hoo! Interviews are on the 22nd -24th of this month! God is so good! Annnnnd ive already had a job interview! Aside from all that, i have some goals id […]


Im tired of missing out. Im tired of being on the sideline because of money or other obligations. I want to live! Am i living?  Or just existing…. Im sitting here reflecting, and ive missed out on so much with my ftiends and family. Trips out of town, dinners,  outings, birthdays…the list goes on. I […]

Living Life your way..

The only things that really matter in life is God, love (genuine friends and family), and being a good person. That’s it. Its taken me a while to figure this all out. You see…life really is more simple than we think. We complicate and over think almost everything in our lives. And then… before you […]


Class is in session: Enjoy!

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