Why did I go natural?

Like a lot of other women I know and have grown up with, I’ve spent a lot of time in my life trying to find validation in people and things that I thought would make others see my value. Having long beautiful hair was one of them. Ever since I can remember, i’ve struggled with beauty and not feeling as pretty as my peers. I used to ask myself as a child “why wasn’t i born with pretty hair like her or her?” Like many others, I thought that pretty hair made you beautiful, not realizing that pretty hair really has nothing to do with being a beautiful person!

I got my first perm when I was about 6 years old, and this started my obsession with having “good hair”…Whenever  my roots would start to get nappy, I had a fit! And this all started in the first grade! Its sad to think that a six year old could look in the mirror and hate what she saw and already be brainwashed by what society deemed as beautiful. Yes, at six years old, young girls can idolize the same things that their parents do. 

A year ago, I made the choice to go natural and leave the creamy crack in the past, and i can honestly say that its been the best decision i could have made for myself. I made the decision that i would no longer wish for or try to create an image that just was not  who i was as never would be. I wanted to break apart from the crowd. 

Being natural may not be that big of a deal to others, but for me it was a chance to revolutionize myself from what I thought was “the norm”, a chance to finally look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what i saw! I did it for that six year old girl who never saw herself good enough because her hair didn’t look the way people told her it should! Oh, and not to mention all of the health issues that are associated with creamy crack.

I’m not knocking anyone who chooses to perm their hair because at the end of the day, you have to do whats best for you! But i do think that moms often make these decisions for us at a young age because they think its the right thing to do or they are pressured into it or just lazy. I mean think about it, as soon as a little girls hair starts to kink up, her aunties and Godmothers or whoever starts criticizing her and making her think that kinky hair is bad and she needs a perm or else the world’s going to end. I feel like in the African American community, women are taught at a young age that perms and weaves are a necessity. Why not break apart from this and be different? Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it, do it because it genuinely makes you happy!

With this being said, I love my natural hair. Since I haven’t had a perm, my hair has gotten so much thicker and its growing out of control and i’m not complaining! I have truly fallen in love with a whole new part of myself that I never knew existed!


What sparked my interest in taking better care of myself!

What made me realize that taking care of yourself is important? well I can name a couple of things, which I will get to in just a second. First I want to name a phrase that I now keep in my head: Your body is your temple! What does it take to build a strong temple that will take care of whats inside of it? The first and most important thing is a strong FOUNDATION! which leads into the first thing that made me want to change my life around….so here goes!

Growing up, health was never an option for my family and I. we ate whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and like most Americans, we didn’t know what exactly was in the food we were consuming or why it was harmful! Health starts with you and the people around you. I wasn’t taught at a young age that what you eat is literally what you become! Excuse my language but, when you eat bullshit, that’s what you become! Over the years, I’ve seen loved ones struggle with health issues like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and lets not forget about cancer. But why? I never understood where these issues stemmed from. Why was my grandmother taking so many pills everyday? Why were family members dying from these illnesses and how did they get them? Why weren’t they able to cure themselves? Its really quite simple. Other than possibly hereditary influences….they had extremely poor diets! And by diets I don’t mean starving themselves, I mean the things they ate were terrible! 

My grandmother passed away from cancer, my uncle is now a diabetic and my mother struggles with chest pains….I cant follow down this same path that many other people in my family have gone down. I feel as though I have to break this unhealthy cycle for my mom and uncle, my brother and my future seeds! I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to become the healthiest person I can be and I’m taking my family with me!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had my own health issues as well. Knees hurting from walking up steps, out of breathe from simple activities, lower back pain from my gut hanging over my pants, acne and not to mention low self-esteem. You may ask why i’m so open about these things. Well its because i’m brave enough to admit i’m not perfect and I know there are many of you out there who struggle with these same issues and more! I’m sharing my story with you so that maybe you too can join this healthy movement. If not for anyone else, for YOURSELF! 

I know at the age of 23, I want to live a long healthy life. I don’t want to leave my family at a young age because of something that I did to myself that could have been prevented! I want my mom and uncle to see the age of 90 or maybe longer! I want to be there for my brother and my future children and grand and great grand children and i plan to do so!

So figure out what motivates you and make those life changes today! 

Who do you do it for?!


Okay! So my mom encouraged me to create a blog about hair and skin care and creating a healthy lifestyle! So here it is! For the past year or so, I’ve been transitioning into creating a better lifestyle for myself and the people around me. I’ve come across some great things that I’ve been wanting to share but didn’t exactly know how! So hopefully this blog will help me do so! I hope that I can help others change their lives around for the better as well!


Class is in session: Enjoy!

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